Galilion Hotel, Upper Galilee

SunnySide APV Summit 2023
is the shape of things to come:

the future of renewable energy
in international and Israeli agriculture!

MIGAL Galilee Research Institute, operating in the fields of agriculture, food, health, and environment in the past four decades – and emphasizing the delicate balance between agriculture, environment, and community – took upon itself to establish a knowledge center in the Agrivoltaic field.

As part of this activity, we have teamed up with farmers, Israeli and international research institutes, energy companies and entrepreneurs, regulatory leaders and representatives of government ministries, funding bodies, and startup and technology companies to create a reliable and quality knowledge base that will enable Israeli farmers to integrate solar energy systems in fields and agricultural land.

For the second time, we will get together to share knowledge and have a fruitful dialogue between everybody who is involved in the advancement of the Agrivoltaic field in Israel and the rest of the world.

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We are searching for companies interested in being introduced and showcased in front of
hundreds of people in Israel’s technological/agricultural industries.
In exchange for your support in organizing the first-of-its-kind conference to tackle
photovoltaic agriculture, you will be able to enjoy one of our premium promotional packages:

Single Day Ticket – 60$
Full Ticket – 100$

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Calling all green energy and Agri-Tech startups to prepare for the next funding round.
Enter the first AgriVoltaic startup competition, present your project to hundreds of participants and investors at the biggest APV conference in Israel.
First prize: A membership at STUDIO.GALIL accelerator program – the successful platform for startups, assembled by Migal, JVP and Margalit startup City Galil!

Day 1 - March 1st
  • Opening Session – MIGAL CEO
  • Keynote Speaking
  • The conclusions of the Israeli Inter-ministerial Steering Committee for APV
  • Test cases from the world – the Agri-Economic aspect – 3 cases
  • Lunch Break
  • Test cases from the world -the Agri-Economic aspect – 3 cases
  • Challenges and gaps in the world, and in the implementation in Israel (regulation, infrastructure, real estate, knowledge)
  • Ministry of Energy- showcasing international partnerships for APV
  • Presentation of the strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Energy in Israel – the outline of the pilots
  • Cocktail and evening event
Day 2 - March 2nd
  • Opening notes
  • Keynote speaking on breakthrough research
  • Entrepreneurs and developers – presentation of technologies
  • Scientific Presentations: 6 Recent Research in APV
  • Lunch Break
  • Case Study: A Farmer’s Experience with APV
  • Regional R&D discussion on their research role in the pilots project
  •  Closing session
Side Events
  • Posters Presentation
  • Startup Pitch – Headphones
  • Exhibition Display
  • Field Tour
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