Terms and Conditions

תנאי שימוש

I agree to the following: (i) the Event host, Migal Galilee Research Institute (the “Host”) can process my contact details in accordance with Host’s privacy policy located at [https://www.migal.org.il/en/node/7045] References to the Website in the privacy policy includes references to the Summit’s websites located at https://sunnyside-apv.com/en/, https://sunnyside-apv.com/; (ii) my participation in the event is voluntarily and at my sole risk; (iii) I assume full responsibility for any injury and/or damage and/or expense (“Loss“) I suffer at the Event; (iv) to the extent permissible under law, I fully release the Host and/or anyone on Host's behalf from all liability and/or responsibility for any Loss suffered by me due to the Event; (v) Host shall be entitled to cancel and/or change the time and/or location of the event at its sole discretion; (vi)  I am aware that Host may be videoing the Event, and may be posting live-feed of the Event.  I hereby agree, and by participating I agree that Host can use photographs and videos of me in live feeds from the conference for the virtual conference. I am also aware that the Host may take photographs and may use photographs and videos of me for promotional purposes.  I will contact Host in writing if I do not want Host to use such images after the conference.