The Shape of Things to Come

The Future of Renewable Energy in Agriculture!

MIGAL Galilee Research Institute operates in agriculture, food, health, and environment fields. Over four decades, it has prioritized the agriculture-environment-community balance, resulting in the establishment of an Agrivoltaic Knowledge Center. 

We collaborate with the agricultural community, local and global research institutes, energy companies, entrepreneurs, government reps, funders, and tech firms to create a reliable knowledge base and thus promote APV practices adoption by Israeli farmers.

Our third Annual Sunnyside APV Summit  will bring together these stakeholders from the agrivoltaic field in Israel and abroad, despite the current challenges. Due to the current war and its ongoing and future impact, the discussion around food and energy security, as well as ways to support Israeli agriculture, is more important now than ever, so this April we will gather again to exchange updates, learn from each other, maintain meaningful connections and establish new partnerships.

Steering Committee

Prof. Dan Levanon

Scientific Director, MIGAL

Dr. Dov Khenin

Rector of the Presidential Climate Forum & Green Policies

Dr. Yael Harman

R&D director at the Chief Scientist's Office, Israeli Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

Dr. Doron Markel

Chief Scientist, KKL-JNF

Dr. Michal levy

Chief Scientist, Israel's Ministry of Agriculture

Eitan Parnass

Director General & Founder, Green Energy Association of Israel

Shirley Shahar

Co-founder, Dana global

Dana Kedar

Director, GrowingIL

Haya Rak Yahalom

Director of Northern R&D

Ori Ben-Herzel

VP of Value Creation, MIGAL

Eric Benmeir Kozakow

Project manager and APV Business Development Lead, MIGAL

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Ecosystem Partners

Government Support

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Single Day Ticket - 60$
Full Ticket - 100$


We’ve got a special accommodation deal: 10% discount at Galilion Hotel with promo code MAPV. Tel: +972-4-6978008

Sponsor Packages

We are searching for companies interested in being introduced and showcased in front of hundreds of people in Israel's technological/agricultural industries.
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photovoltaic agriculture, you will be able to enjoy one of our premium promotional packages: