Conference Program

09:30Opening remarks and greetings
10:30Who cares about tree carbon allocation?
10:50Climate Policy
11:10Coffee Break
11:30Sponsored by the Israeli Climate Forum
From vision to reality: Israeli APV in year 2024
12:30Sponsored by KKL-JNF
APV: practical implementation
Q&A panel
13:15Lunch Break
14:00Round Tables:
• Opportunities and challenges in agrovoltaic research Technological
• Innovations in the energy-agriculture nexus
• Irrigation systems in the agrovoltaic era
• Sustainable economic models
• Policies enabling market development
• Community and environmental impact
• Carbon trading in the agrovoltaic framework
15:15Agrivoltaic and renewable energy projects
as a regional growth engine
16:00Closing words: where are we heading?
16:15Posters & Cocktails