Illuminate Your Brand

with SunnySide APV Sponsorship

We invite you to step into the spotlight of sustainable innovation by becoming a sponsor for SunnySide APV Summit 2024

In a world where green energy and agriculture intersect, your company's participation in this pioneering event is crucial.
Together, we can address food and energy security amidst conflict, provide support to Israeli agriculture, and forge new partnerships for a sustainable future.

Here's why your logo should shine at SunnySide APV:

Radiant Visibility:
Align your brand with cutting-edge advancements in AgriPhotovoltaic technology. SunnySide APV attracts industry leaders, innovators, farmers and academia, ensuring your logo and message illuminate a diverse and influential audience.

Cultivate Connections:
Connect with the driving forces behind the industry development. Our event provides a unique platform for forging meaningful connections with key players, fostering collaborations that can shape the trajectory of your business.

Sow Seeds of Thought Leadership:
Position your company as a thought leader by participating in panels and round tables and share your insights and expertise on the present and future of APV solutions.

Crop of Innovations Showcase:
Display your latest products and innovations in the dedicated Sponsor exhibition area. Engage with attendees firsthand, generate leads, and demonstrate how your solutions are shaping the future of energy and agriculture.

Reap the Fruit of Social Media Exposure:
Leverage our social media reach to amplify your brand message. Benefit from promotions across various platforms, ensuring that your sponsorship resonates with a local and global audiences passionate about agritech and renewable energy.

Harvest of Impact:
Showcase your commitment to sustainability and innovation by supporting an event dedicated to shaping a greener, smarter future for agriculture. Demonstrate corporate responsibility and strengthen your brand's connection with environmentally conscious consumers.

In an era where cultivating a sustainable future is paramount, SunnySide APV sponsorship is your gateway to brand visibility, strategic partnerships, and a lasting impact on the agricultural landscape. Don't miss the chance to be at the forefront of the AgriPhotovoltaic revolution – secure your sponsorship now and let your brand shine in the green glow of innovation!

Questions and inquiries contact:
Eric Benmeir Kozakow, [email protected] / 058-6054963